LUZA Light Festival 2018

Loulé, Portugal

Lighting and technical production, in collaboration with ByBeau Studio, Marc Requilé.

Cardume is the Portuguese word for the shoals of fish that would provide their visual idiosyncrasies to the project. A theme running from the lakes of the exterior to the submarine effect of the natural sunlight found in the interior aims to draw the visitor attention to the problem of over-harvesting the sea. The design pays particular interest to the movement of light and kinetics. This association brings to mind: the sunlight flashing off the scales of the fish and the rainbow of color after a sudden reactive change of direction. More than 8 hundred float bobbers painted in phosphorescent colors, hanging from 27 strings which were moved with 54 motors controlled by DMX were installed in the main theatre in Loulé lighting festival, LUZA, during its latest edition in 2018. The control was precisely designed to emulate the soft movements of a cardume in the sea, evoking the submarine world and making the spectator to get into it with its hypnotic moves.