Pablo López

“Piano y Voz” Tour 2020

Design, execution & programming.

Pablo López is enthusiasm personified on stage. Brutal events has an absolute commitment to the quality of its shows.

LEDSCONTROL is a perfect partner for both. We were commissioned to design the UNIKORNIO tour together with a great creative team. But we did not imagine that we would find ourselves with a greater challenge than that tour during 2020.

Transferring Pablo’s expansive universe to an intimate, light, agile setting, but capable of condensing the spirit of the original tour design in a small space. Interpreting Pablo’s universe had been exciting when the UNIKORNIO project began.

Reinterpreting it for the new reality was a real honor. Seeing the result of PIANO and VOICE week after week, gives us a very deep satisfaction as a LEDSCONTROL team and, also as part of an audience that keeps hope alive.