SWISSON supplies worldwide the entertainment and industrial market with top edge technology products, providing innovative solutions and outstanding added value. The range of solutions are focus on high quality data and power distribution.

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DMX Measurement Tool
Tester – XMT-120A

The XMT-120A is the new generation of powerful DMX512 measurement and test equipment for architecture, entertainment, film and TV lighting and installations using DMX512.

RDM Controller
DMX Tester – XMT-350

The XMT-350 is a compact and modern RDM Controller and DMX tester.
RDM-enabled devices can be monitored and controlled with the XMT-350. For example, the DMX addresses can be set remotely. The XMT-350 automatically detects and lists all reachable RDM devices.

DMX Splitter
Booster – XSP Series

DMX splitters are the backbone of any DMX512 installation. The XSP series of splitters offer the highest level of reliability for professional use for events or on installations. The specially designed power supply ensures safe operation even under harsh mains conditions. Each port is optically isolated and very well protected against transient over voltages.

RDM & DMX Splitter
Booster – XSR Series

The Swisson XSR series are reliable DMX and RDM splitters and boosters that process DMX and RDM signals with a high level of reliability for professional applications.

ISP-4 DIN Rail Installation Splitter

The DMX splitters of the ISP-4 line of products boost an incoming DMX signal and provide it on four output ports. This allows for safely going beyond the 32 devices limit of the DMX standard, as well as for building star topologies.