Pablo López

Mayday&Stay Tour 2021

Design, execution & programming.

Pablo López is enthusiasm personified on stage. Brutal events has an absolute commitment to the quality of its shows.

LEDSCONTROL is a perfect partner for both. We were commissioned to design the Mayday&Stay tour together with a great creative team. But we did not imagine that we would find ourselves with a greater challenge than that tour during 2021.

One of the most beautiful and exciting things about this project was being able to scenographically capture this entire emotional process full of ups and downs that many of us have experienced during the pandemic and that Pablo wanted to convey. Especially the quarantine period in which we found ourselves caged in our houses. Once again, we had the opportunity to translate Pablo’s expansive universe into a scenographic setting that emphasized this period we all went through. That was the moment in which “La Jaula” or “The Cage” was born.

A 4-walled cage made up of a 1×1 meter grid of LED bars in which the artist and the musicians are enclosed at the beginning of the concert. However, there is always hope and Pablo has the innate ability to keep that hope alive and transmit it to his audience through his songs and his concerts. For the same reason, after the first 2 songs, the front part of the cage rises towards the sky giving a clear visibility of the artist and allowing to release and transmit that message of hope and freedom.

Reinterpreting everything we experienced during the toughest moments of the pandemic for the new reality was a true honor and a challenge. Seeing the result of the Mayday&Stay Tour week after week gives us deep satisfaction as a LEDSCONTROL team and, also, as part of an audience that keeps hope alive.