Las Vegas, United States

Lighting and stage design, execution and programming.

In 2016 LEDSCONTROL were commissioned to design the new lighting experience for Zouk when the venue transitioned from their 25 year old house at Jiak Kim St to their new home at Clarke Quay. The legendary nightclub was transitioning from house and ownership to a new generation of entertainment leaders pushing the brand beyond just a nightlife experience.

In the process, our company accompanied the new group doing the lighting design and creation of the iconic bespoke element “The  Mothership” for their venues in Singapore (2016) Genting Highlands (2017) and finally in Resorts World Las Vegas in 2021.

The evolution of the brand has been also reflected in the evolution of the Mothership design. In this last version the technology used goes beyond lighting. The three dimensional sculpture consists in a kinetic metallic body that travels along the venue and can execute three dimensional movements. The sculpture is packed with multiple cutting-edge lighting technologies.

Besides the Mothership, our company also designed the lighting and co-designed the kinetic visual experience based on a custom made ceiling of moving panels with high resolution LED screens, moving heads and pixel mapping technologies, offering to the venue multiple possibilities to host world class productions and offer the most memorable nights in Las Vegas.

Mothership Assembly & Technical Process

Zouk Las Vegas Nightclub