Bangkok, Thailand

Lighting and stage design, set construction, light programming and live operation: Ledscontrol
Technical Production: Switch Audiovisuals
Photography: Julian Bajsel, Julian Cassady, siam2nite.

Our company was committed to collaborate in the first edition of Dropzone Music Festival in Bangkok. We were in charge of the lighting and stage design for three stages, the entrance tunnel, a corridor that connects stage 2 to stage 3 and a ferris wheel wich was an icon in the festival.
Some of the DJ’s of this edition were: Dash Berlin, Kaskade, Paul Van Dyk, Atmozfears, Breathe Carolina, Cosmic Gate, Valentino Khan, Dirtcaps and many more performing at the two-day festival.
From the promoter words
An international dream team will be bringing an all-new immersive music festival experience to South East Asia in the form of Dropzone Festival. Officially supported by Thailand Authority of Tourism, the first edition of Dropzone Festival is set to land in Bangkok, Thailand this Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd of March 2018 at Wonderworld Extreme Park, featuring a powerhouse roster of electronic music artists across 3 stages covering EDM, Techno, Trance and Trap and starting from daytime until late. Switch Audiovisuals, a European audio-visual frontrunner credited for co-tech producing Sónar Barcelona, along with Ledscontrol, an award-winning
production design company renowned as creators of the famous DWP Garuda stage and at least 3 top clubs of the world (including Zouk Singapore and Amnesia Ibiza), are top-billed on the festival’s internal crew. What sets Dropzone Festival apart as a fresh form of entertainment is that it combines the music festival model with video game elements and beautiful cinematic content. Technical Director Joel Ibañez speaks of the festival as a ‘disruptive approach that could change the landscape of music festivals across the globe. With its plan to cover five years per destination (this means Bangkok from 2018-2022) following 5 chapters of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi storyline, it aims to become the first ever ‘real-life MMORPG’ party where attendees are offered a gamified layer to their already fun-filled days. When this story ends, Dropzone Festival will appear in a now-undisclosed city of another country, and so on. The story so far talks about a fictitious future where attendees are ‘humanity’s last survivors’ gathered for safety in a fortress called Dropzone. Dangerous forces that lurk outside are unidentified, but they are known to be afraid of lights and music – which is the reason for everybody at the festival to ‘rave to survive’.