Barcelona, Spain

Design: David Torrents + Artec3
Installation, control and commissioning: Ledscontrol

BruumRuum! is an interactive installation by David Torrents and artec3 in collaboration with Ledscontrol, which can be found in the Plaza de Glories of Barcelona, ​​next to the Museum of Design (DHUB) and Torre Agbar.

Depending on the intensity of environmental sounds, this installation changes shape and color, presenting a dialogue between visitors and the public space through sound and light. A square becomes a great ear reacts to words, a public space that feels.

The sensors are sensitive to noise intensity, capture the loudest noise caused by pedestrians and vehicles passing through the street as well as the softest sound that translate into sinuous movements.

BruumRuum! has won a “special mention of an intuitive interactive lighting experience” in the last edition of the International Lighting Design Awards 2014 IALD. Jury described the work as “a great example of social interactive light and sound.”
He recently won the Grand Laus Graphic Design 2014.